Under the Vines Series 3

6 x 60 minutes for Acorn TV, TVNZ

As we return to Peak View once again, the spring is not far from springing, the cold is still lurking, and the buds are yet to be on the vine. It’s been six months since we left our Oakley family, and a lot has changed… not least because Oakley isn’t just our family’s anymore. William, Stanley’s gambling buddy, owns half of it, and he is making his presence felt. A legal battle is pending, but all is not looking sunny as it seems that the IOU is, in fact, enforceable. And while Daisy, Louis and Vic plan their attack for their day in court, it’s hard to be optimistic. But Law is Louis’ superpower, and a little-known precedent may in fact be just what they need to best William and once more become mutual sole heirs of Oakley.

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